Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fine Young Cannibals - Live New York Ritz (1986)

Fine Young Cannibals recorded live at the Ritz Club New York, USA (31st May 1986). 'Spin Radio' concert first broadcast in July 1986 & released by the I.R.S. label as a promotional vinyl LP.Unofficially released on CD in 1992 by the 'Not Guilty' label. A huge thank you to The Return of Liquidator blog site for posting this. It's one I have been on the look out for, for some time. I used to own the vinyl, which I paid something like $30.00 bucks for back in the "She Drives Me Crazy" fame. Saw this band and was mainly into them because of their ties to The English Beat, I forget who opened for them, but I am sure it was worthwhile. In fact, I think my girlfriend at the time even added a handy to the mix. Enjoy the sounds of the Fine Young Cannibals, like they were meant to be heard. Unstripped, undone, and more so raw than cooked. After the first album, they seemed to drop off quite a bit and get the record company treatment. More flash than sizzle. The early stuff, I quite fancy. Future Coachella spot? Beats Wire, I'd say...

Fine Young Cannibals - Live New York Ritz (1986)
01. Don't Ask Me To Choose
02. Johnny Come Home
03. Suspicious Minds
04. Time Isn't Kind
05. On A Promise
06. Move To Work
07. Like A Stranger
08. Ever Fallen In Love
09. Funny How Love Is
10. Blue
11. Couldn't Care More
12. Can't Take My Eyes Off You

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McCrank said...

Jus said...

Nice one. Thank you. You don't see FYC live shows everyday now, do you? Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Cool site, dig your comps. Came over here by way of Villiers Terrace.
I have to disagree with FYC being better than Wire, but does it really matter.