Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ian Mcculloch - Songbook (2008)

I am passing up the Ida Maria concert at The Blank Club right now, so I can post this Ian Mcculloch 4-track EP called "Songbook". Recorded at Parr Street Recording Studios, Liverpool England on February 2008. This solo acoustic show was recorded and broadcast on Sky Arts 1 in the UK. The first broadcast was June 19 2008 and it featured a worn looking Ian Mcculloch interview interspersed with the below list of complete live songs. No bullshit medleys here or annoying voice-overs. Edited and ripped from the programme with loving care from the lads over at In addition and as an added bonus - you get an acoustic single off the forthcoming Echo & The Bunnymen album - The Fountain. This single, "The Fountain" is a bit on the downlow, as in depressing and a bit melancholy. It's a tad alright if it was featured on a solo album of lullabyes for the kids, but it sounds kind of rough and rank for a Bunnymen closer. I recall reading an interview that Ian mentioned having a bunch of songs like this for a children's album. Not a bad idea for some side cash (diversify) and a way to find another alternate audience. The Echo & The Bunnymen things should be saved for forthright rockin' and rockstar ethos. The solo thing is for croonin' and ripping off Lou Reed, coupled with this type of acoustic ballads. I would buy it for sure, plug it into the kids room and clear out that Baby Einstein crap! I hope Ida Maria forgives me for missing the show, as I assume she'll be back. If you have the balls - buy her album to get some cool punk/pop riffs.! If you don't - listen up to this "soft-as-shit" EP of Bunnymen ballads.

Ian Mcculloch - Songbook (2008)
01. Rescue
02. The Killing Moon
03. Nothing Lasts Forever
04. The Fountain

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

McCrank's Juke - April Mix (2009)

McCrank's Juke - April Mix (2009)

The year is burning through, as it is already April and time for another McCrank's Juke April Mix. This mixtape features some former SXSW bands, some faded goth tracks and a bit of indie pop from some of your current MTV2 artists. I am back to watching Subterranean and feasting on indie videos. I am also pick-axing Metallica Guitar Hero and looking for some hot albums for 2009. Big ups to Suicide Girls for keeping the fires and looking forward to some breaking tunes and upcoming artists (N.A.S.A. - anyone?). I must admit the return of No Doubt, Prince, Green Day and Eminem seem to be April's bigger stories - but I can't seem to come to grips with bands that are still rehashing the old routines from the 90's. The Slim Shady videos are case in point. Also, hasn't T-Pain killed the voice box yet? The sludge of Clear Channel and hype label music has stung my ears, turning me towards the darker rock of yesteryear. Sad to say I don't have Sirius to bail me out, Phil. Either way, enjoy the below April music mix from McCrank's Juke. (Also, skip the new Prince 3-pack form Target. Get your hands on the "Indigo Nights" live disk from last year's London residency).

McCrank's Juke - April Mix (2009)
01. Face To Face - Siouxsie And The Banshees
02. Blueballs - Eve White, Eve Black
03. Six And Three Quarters - Ipso Facto
04. Sea Within A Sea - The Horrors
06. Lover - Nite Jewel
07. My Love - The Bird and the Bee
08. A Forest [The Cure Cover] - Bat For Lashes
09. StrangePowers - The Magnetic Fields
10. Oh My God - Ida Maria

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