Saturday, June 6, 2009

McCrank's Juke - June Mix (2009)

McCrank's Juke - June Mix (2009)

It all comes crashing down! First the old computer blew, then I got the new one, minus PhotoShop. My Optimus Prime computer I shelled for ain't shit without all the pirate booty I had stored up! The music links gone, the stored porn, gone! 'My Favorites' - down the tubes. As all good things, then it's time to say goodbye. As you may have noticed I did a bit of pruning in the garden, so as to not end up like that lady I read about in the newspaper. It was fun to be at the forefront of this music blog movement, like it was exiciting to be the The Sugarhill Gang when it was all "awash" and anew. Now that every college dick has a page with his favorite Oasis, Nirvana, and Animal Collective boots avilable -- it seems that it ain't about pushing the envelope and being new (not that I was very robust). I took from Ape Shall Never Kill Ape and was inspired to push it further. Now Largehearted Boy and other mainstream blogs are running with full steam and the upstarts are following the template. Time to do something new! (Fuck you -- yes I am on Twitter, but no that ain't it).

For those of you kind enough to comment and write in -- the fine looking lady in the monthly posts is named Sash Suicide. You can follow here: She'd probably kick my ass for using her pictures without paying modeling fees. another reason to skip town!

So no more Echo & The Bunnymen, Joy Division, Clash, English Beat and the likes. No indies: Noah and the Whale, Ida Maria, The National. Just a simple look back through the monthly recommendations from prior months to serve notice. Eventually this blog will all desolve, and like me, you might wake up and go about your lives thinking this was all a dream. I know. I am.

McCrank's Juke - June Mix (2009)
o2. Slaughter Lane - Girl In A Coma
03. The Boys Are Leaving Town - Japandroids
04. All The Memories, All At Once - Sunlight Ascending
05. If I Ever Feel Better - Phoenix
06. First Of The Gang To Die - Zee Avi
07. Got Nuffin - Spoon
08. Last Of The English Roses - Peter Doherty
09. Summer Of Hate - Crocodiles
10. No Hands (Peel Session) - Echo & The Bunnymen

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