Saturday, October 31, 2009

McCrank's Juke - October Mix (2009)

McCrank's Juke - October Mix (2009)

I suppose the October mix should be something a bit more boombastic. With B-sides from Morrissey, a new Echo & The Bunnymen albatrosse and other new music releases hitting faster than shit-water on a windshield, I would expect a better hit list for the month of October. It is the month with Halloween for christsakes! Well, I prefer to zig, when others zag. YOu'll find here a throwback list with a bit of retro and some of the best Factory Records hits that the old dust-bin can hold. From the best new UK band and The Smiths' rip-off The Drums, to old Hooky inspired band Revenge and on down the Factory Records work-hole. You have another McCrank mix of the sublime and the newest of the alternative universe. It probably isn't the best list, but I figure October will sallow it up and offer better, more robust tunes later in the month. Hey you may even get two lists for October! (Should I bring the old blog back?).

Tell me what are you listening to? Is it Lady Ga Ga -- if so this ain't UR blog. Are you raving about Kanye West, The Flaming Lips, or the Blueprint 3? Then this ain't UR house. Thrilled aout Them Crooked Vultures or the return of Alice In Chains? (UR on the borderline now, sucka). If you find any of the tracks below peek some interest or you listen to KZSC 103.3 - then this may fly your way. Get on board to soar, the plane is leaving.

McCrank's Juke - October Mix (2009)
01. I Felt Stupid - The Drums
02. Gruesome Castle - The Wake
03. Precious Moments - Revenge
04. Life By The Sea - The Names
05. Waterfall - Wendy & Lisa
07. Straight To Hell (Feat Mick Jones) - Lilly Allen
08. Seasons - John Carpenter
09. Come Saturday - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
10. Oscillate Wildly (Instrumental) - The Smiths

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