Sunday, June 6, 2010

Echo & The Bunnymen - Live Inside Festival (1984)

Echo & The Bunnymen are one of my favorite bands and I am always on the look out for some dope live shows, demos, b-sides and the rare stuff from this Liverpool band. This show is case in point. Recorded at their height in 1984 at the Liege: Hall Des Foires on 12-08-1984 (the dated Inside Festival) this audience recording captures Echo & The Bunnymen with chilling accuracy. Including live versions of "My Kingdom", "Angels & Devils" and a over of Sister Ray (The Velvet Underground) with the members of New Order. This crystal clear quality and the cover tune alone are well worth the download. I think Ian Mcculloch matched up with Bernard Sumner on the last track is a true rarity and this collection has a pretty clear version for a bootleg. Now I am looking for some even more rare Ian Mcculloch solo shows to post in the coming month or so. I know I have been lagging, but your comments and posts help me to be inspired to post and to continue this experiment in music. Connecting the old and new - indie and alternative. If you have shows to share and post, let me know - as I am "Google-Cuffed" at this point looking for rare songs and unreleasable snippets of Bunnymen history. Never Stop...

Echo & The Bunnymen - Live Inside Festival (1984)
01 - Intro (Gregorian Chant)
02 - Nocturnal Me
03 - Over The Wall
04 - With A Hip
05 - Villiers Terrace
06 - My Kingdom
07 - Angels & Devils
08 - Heads Will Roll
09 - Ocean Rain
10 - The Killing Moon
11 - All That Jazz
12 - Never Stop
13 - The Cutter
14 - Thorn Of Crowns
15 - Crocodiles
16 - Sister Ray (with New Order)

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McCrank said...

Anonymous said...

thanks, been a long time follower of the blog. its great! always an opinion on the music which is what blog should be. comment on this post because no-one else has, unbelievable! its great

wjgmspeedy said...

Thanks. This is so great. I was actually there. Such a long time ago. Part of my youth.

Pascal said...

Thanks a lot, I had the chance to be in the audiaence, an incredible gig!!!