Saturday, January 29, 2011

McCrank's Juke - January Mix (2011)

McCrank's Juke - January Mix (2011)

It's winter time, but you'd think it was Spring with all the new music popping out. New Cold Cave, Crystal Stilts, Explosions In The Sky, Social Distortion and a whole host of other acts dropping albums and EPs. From aged acts like R.E.M. to sophomore rockers Warpaint. There's a lot to be said for new music on 2011. The chart/mix below features some missed opportunities, albums that slipped by me, or tracks and acts - who've dropped some music - but kind of slid by on the side. Mathew Dear's David Bowie impression and Grimes, shine on this mix tape. I even nod back to our friends HTRK, Jonsi and The Smiths for a nostalgic turn. A lot of acts and a lot of music - my advice is to listen to them all - even if it's for a short Myspace plug. They are all trippin and very solid rock. This time we've even delighted in dropping twenty tracks up from our usual ten, as a celebration of a possible re-birth. Hopefully, the followers of this blog already jam to these great musicians, but if not - please do stop and take a listen as these acts scramble to upbeat the Live 105.3 acts that dominate todays charts. All I can say is thank god for XM Radio and some of the indie radio jamming tunes down my throat. Grimmace at 103.3 in Santa Clara comes to mind. Indie college and throwback. Much thanks! Re-live, a, inspire, enlist!

McCrank's Juke - January Mix (2011)
01. Ten Little Pills - Slumber Party
02. Kiss Before The Fall - HTRK
03. Happiness - Jonsi & Alex
04. Little People (Black City)- Mathew Dear
05. Venus in Fleurs- Grimes
06. Majesty - Warpaint
07. Back I Beat The Waves - The Mariner's Children
08. Dancing on My Bed - The Pleasure Kills
09. Big Escape - Pearly Gate Music
10. Lately (Deuxieme) - Memoryhouse
11. Funeral Song - Minks
12. Blurred Tonight - Blank Dogs
13. Don't Mind - Spectrals
14. Stretch Out And Wait - The Smiths
15. Let's Get out Of Here - Les Savy Fav
16. Fountain Stairs - Deerhunter
17. Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells
18. All Die Young - Smith Westerns
19. Kaputt - Destroyer

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b said...

hooray for "nostalgic turn[s]" :)

also-- glad you're still alive over here! While it would be awesome for you to write for Pitchfork on a professional level, that would mean I'd have to go over there, which is more or less against policy for me :p