Thursday, August 5, 2010

McCrank's Juke - July Mix (2010)

McCrank's Juke - July Mix (2010)

Yeah, fuck man this blog has run it's course. Which is too bad, because I had like 9 posts in the barrel, ready to blast out for July and August. From Nine Inch Nails to Big Audio Dynamite, Echo & The Bunnymen - all the old class shit. I guess I grew bored of the take and the less than flattering posts - people bitching and asking for re-ups (you know the regular no-thanks and all take routine). I also applied to write for Pitchfork, but evidently they have better writers and more people dying to write about bands that may be a single flash-in-the-pan. I assume they passed, so I am passing on this blog. Besides I am up for writing about travel, titties, entertainment, humor, style and some other shit that just doesn't belong on McCrank's Juke. So for now, take this as the last post + sign-off - the July music mix from McCrank. Perhaps I will post another note to let yoou know where the new blog will be livin'. Enjoy the muzak - and try to contribute and share - people are bustin' hump to entertain, ya'll.

McCrank's Juke - July Mix (2010)
01. I'll Know We'll Never - Rose Elinor Dougall
02. Outer Limits - SLEEP ∞ OVER
03. Young Silence - Echo Lake
04. Out of the Blue - Julian Casablancas
05. Change In The Neon Light - Veil Veil Vanish
06. Die In Bed - Frank (Just Frank)
07. Wasted Time - Blessure Grave
08. Memo - Frankie Rose & The Outs
09. Snowflakes - White Apple Tree
10. Are Fixed Gear Tricksters.. - High Castle
10. Not Afraid - Eminem

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Anonymous said...

sorry to see you go - thank for all the great posts


Anonymous said...

well i loved it,cheers...nice 1

Anonymous said...

well i loved it,nice 1

OpenGTuning said...

Enjoyed your blog, especially The Bunnymen @ Glasto 85. Good luck with whatever

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go, always interesting to read your posts so best of luck for the future.

black francis said...

Titties are always worth writing about. God speed old friend.

SavvyD said...

Pitchfork sucks! OK, I read them, bu with a grain of salt. Can't agree with them when they love pale imitations of retro music such as the Arcade Fire.

Thanks for your posts. Your Bunnymen stuff was freaking awesome!!!

SavvyD said...

Oh, and I'm still pissed off at them that Menomena didn't get best new music. What? Arcade Fire did???

Ferg said...

Sorry to see you gave this up. I just came across your blog and really appreciate the stuff on it. Especially that bitchin XX concert!
Thanks bro.

Anonymous said...

Very good!! I Love Eminem! My first!

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